The Face shop mask sheet review

Hello everyone!!!?
How’s this week treating y’all?? It’s the start of another week and I can’t wait until the weekend. Meh!!? work can be really hectic sometimes but the hope of an amazing weekend is what keeps me going, never realised the importance of a weekend until I, started working.?
Well ladies, I, can’t wait to tell  you about the product ,I’m going to review today. This product is another cult favourite and also, is a very essential part of my skin care regimen,  its something with which you can pamper yourself at home, it is a mask sheet by The face shop.?
For those of you who don’t know what a masksheet is, let me tell you:
A mask sheet as the name suggests is basically a face shaped sheet usually soaked or dipped in serum or essential oils, they are made up of varied materials like fibre,paper or gel based , wholly depends on the type of mask sheet you choose, and also they are individually packed, easy to use, and are highly convenient.?

My Story

It’s been a while since I’ve started work and trust me it’s hard to find time for yourself once you start working, and then I came across the idea of using mask sheets to pamper yourself at home, and mask sheets being convenient, easy to use minus the messiness of a normal face mask,, were something I couldn’t wait to try.?

About The Face Shop :

The Face Shop is a south Korea -based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, it saw it’s inception in 2003.

Since then it’s been a leading skin care brand for both men and women.
THE FACE SHOP is the place to  find your favorite facial mask. You have a normal, oily and combined, dry or sensitive skin, you have acne or a mature skin? They have a solution for you. You need to moisturize, brighten, purify, matify or soothe your skin or maybe you are looking for an anti-aging or anti-acne solution? And they have the perfect match. Born from the latest innovation in cosmetics and made with the finest ingredients from nature, THE FACE SHOP offers mask sheets, maskcream sheets, mask packs and even character masks for you to discover.

About The Face Shop mask sheets

The Face shop offers a solution to all your skin problems be it any skin type, the face shop takes care of everything your skin needs, they have their new range of mask sheets :
•the real nature mask sheet
•the solution mask sheet
•bio cell mask sheets
every mask sheet takes care of your beautiful skin in a different way,

I ,picked  ten mask sheets from The Face Shop,
• Blueberry mask sheet- Firming
• Lotus- hydrates your skin
• Acai Berry- Firming
• Red Ginseng- helps revitalise your skin
• Rice- for skin brightening
• Green tea-purifies the skin
• Peony- for radiance
• Avocado-for moisturizing
• Longan-nourishing
• Calendula-Smoothing


100 INR for each mask sheet.


The mask sheet comes in these cute sachets which are easy to tear open, and also I’m in love with their packaging of the real nature range, makes me want to buy all of them.

My experience with The Face Shop  Lotus mask sheet

However,I’m going to share my experience with their real nature range Lotus mask sheet
I’m totally in love with these mask sheets I ,use them once in 2 weeks mostly during the weekend.

I ,tried the Lotus mask sheet this weekend, my skin needed a break from all the pollution and humdeum, plus I also loved the packaging of the lotus mask sheet , so I, decided to give it a try, and I , must tell you that the lotus mask sheet smells heavenly totally loved the smell and I, couldn’t wait to put the mask sheet on to my face, the mask sheet was super soft with serum dripping through it, the serum felt light on the skin and the mask sheet sat firmly onto the face, I let it stay on my face for a good 15 minutes AND  !!!!?Hello!!! soft, supple and glowing skin.❤


Trust me these mask sheets are amazing, I can’t wait to try the other mask sheets. Girls!!! go grab these mask sheets,your skin definitely deserves all the pampering!!! ?


• Easy to use
• Saves time

•Paraben free

• A break from messy face masks

• smells ummahzing

Also, according to the description the mask sheet contains air pockets which contain nutritional essence which provides natural moisture & nourishment to the skin?

•each mask sheet can be used just once

I’d conclude my saying I’m loving these face shop mask sheets, I”m sure all you bea-utiful ladies will love them as much as I, do.
Try them!!!!?

Until next time❤

Take care y’all.?



Pssst here’s today’s  tip

•You can use this mask sheet after  cleaning your pretty face with a face wash and toner.

•Use your finger tips to gently tap your face, after removing the mask sheet in order for the remaining  serum to seep into the skin.

•Do, not wash your face after removing the mask let the serum seep into the skin completely.


P.S 》》 directions :

¤ Place the mask sheet on to your pretty face

¤leave it for a good 10-15 mins

¤ pull out the making sheet, pat your face with the help of your finger tips in order to let the remains of the serum to seep into the skin.❤

You can buy The face Shop mask sheet here!599!3!178663470855!!!!18283950120!&ef_id=VA1CAwAAAG6XsOWa:20170719060731:s





TQJ Verdict ❤
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Fragrance
  • Does what it claims
  • Value for money


These are my current obsession!!!
Do give them a try!!
I’m sure,you will love them as well.❤

Rating: 5

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  1. Nikhila Mohan says:

    Woww!! Seems like a very nice product..n easiest way to pamper your skin..when you have so much to take care of as well..on a weekend!
    Thank you amina! I think il definitely give it a try 😉

    Rating: 5
    1. the quintessential journals says:

      @Nikhila yea love!!!❤
      Trust me these mask sheets just add on to the ease with which you can pamper your skin❤
      Do give them a try, and also do share your experience as well❤

  2. Bonita Joanna Nanda says:

    Never knew something like this even existed….grt work di u always bring different things to the table?

    1. the quintessential journals says:

      @bonita aawww thanks a ton!!!❤❤ Means alot❤
      I’m really glad you liked the post…??
      Do follow the blog for updates, lots of posts coming up??

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