Tattva-The Grand Mercure Bangalore

Hola lovers!

How have you all been? Been awhile since my last post on the blog, hope you’re all enjoying your summery days.

I have been really busy hustling and bustling these days , work really takes a toll on you sometimes, I’m sure you guys get tired of the same old monotonous schedule as well.

So, I decided to get my all time favourite rejuvenating therapy done at my favourite spa,

” Tattva”!! at The Grand Mercure-Bangalore.

I’m a huge fan of their therapies especially the tattva signature rebalance therapy.

And this therapy definitely stands true to it’s name, it definitely helps you rebalance the stress, and leaves you super refreshed.

For those of you who haven’t read my previous post about this therapy, let me give you brief

This therapy basically is like a journey where you connect with your inner self and helps you completely get rid off ,all the stress.

It involves a traditional Indian massage, followed by a floral body polisher and ending with a head massage.

The gealers at tattva are wonderful, they know the right pressure points and exactly how much pressure you really need to get rid of all that stress.

*Massage- Abhayanga massage(60 min)

*Floral polisher- (45 min)

*prithvi wrap(30 min)

My experience

My experience at tattva has always been an amazing one it definitely helps balance your mind,body and soul.

Love their ritual of serving the kokum juice as a eelcoke drink which is said to prepare your body for the rejuvenating experience, and trust me the kokum juice is delish.

I also love the washing feet first ritual where the healer washes your feet before starting the therapy. And the best part is you get to choose your oils.?

I chose the Dhyana blend.

Also, I love the ambiance at The grand Mercure hotel, loved the dining area by the poolside.

So, on the whole my experience at tattva at The Grand Mercure hotel Bangalore was an amazing one.

This was my second visit to tattva and I’m looking forward to more such rejuvenating experiences.

So, you guys ought to try the therapies at Tattva at The Grand Mercure hotel ,Bangalore . I’m sure you’ll love your experience.

Also, Thank you so much team Tattvafor having me over. I love your therapies, services and ambiance . Tattva is my all time favourite pamper destination. Looking forward to more such experiences.

Until next time, take care lovers.