Spaine-Spa+wine anyone?

Hello everyone!!

How have you all been? I’m sure your life is just as monotonous as mine.

No matter how busy life makes you , you definitely ought to make sometime to pamper yourself, you definitely deserve some “ME” time.

And that is exactly what I did this weekend, I decided to head to a spa called SPAINE which is located in the midst the humdrum of Church street.

As soon as I entered SPAINE I loved the ambience the subtle melodious music felt heavenly and really soothing .

I was welcomed with a hot towel soaked in rose water ,with which I was supposed to wipe my face abd hands, and that marked the start of an amazing pamper session at Spaine.

I decided I’d try the foot massage called “Spaine reflexology ” which includes a foot massage along with dry shoulder,neck and back massage.

About the massage

Firstly , I was asked to change into a really comfortable pair of pajamas. I loved how comfortable I felt and this was followed by a massage on my feet , with a beauty cream which contains walnut shell powder,while I enjoyed sipping on my green tea.

I loved the way the masseuse used a stick to massage certain pressure points on my feet, and this felt really amazing.

This was followed by cleansing the cream, with a hot towel and dabbing olive oil onto my feet followed by a thorough massage which lasted about 30-40 mins , while I sipped on the most delicious red wine in the world.


And eventually the masseuse cleansed the olive oil with the hot towel which was followed by a good ten to fifteen minutes massage on my neck,shoulders and back.

So this was all about  spaine foot reflexology which felt totally amazing and that marked the end of my weekend. I loved my experience to bits.

I’d conclude by thanking Spaine for their droolworthy services.

 if you all are looking for a weekend getaway with your bff’s you should treat yourself to a spa at Spaine.

Book your appointments right away!

Until next time.

Take care folks.