My June Envy Box Review

Hello everyone !!!

Time flies !!!?

Another blissful month of Ramadan passes by, “Eid Mubarak” to all of you’ll.
And all of you might have definitely savoured your share of haleem this Ramadan ?
Well, I’m a foodie and I can go on and on about food though, before I start my food talk ? let’s get back to work?
I’m back with another awesome product and this time it ain’t just one product it’s a box full of of ummahzing products.
It’s a Beauty Box, called My Envy Box. I’ll be reviewing the Envy box for this month.

My Story❤

I’m a huge fan of beauty boxes , they are the best way to come across new brands and discover novel products.
So, I’d been a regular fab bag subscriber but then I decided to give My Envy Box a try.


About My Envy Box:

My Envy Box is a leading E-commerce platform. It provides a personalised way through which it helps people come across unique and novel products.
As the name suggests,it definitely consists of products worth the envy.
It took it’s teensy steps in mid 2013, and since then it’s working on collaborating with luxurious skin care & lifestyle brands in order to introduce all you beauties out there, to a pastiche of varied  beauty products from leading brands.
This box is curated by their in-house beauty experts every month, in order to provide all you pretty ladies a personalised experience with varied brands.


They have 4 subscriptions
1) Their 1 month subscription costs 850/- INR
2) The 3 months subscription costs 2250/- INR
3) The 6 months subscription costs 4350 /- INR
4)1 year subscription 8500 /- INR
I subscribed to the one month subscription, I.e of 850/-

Look what I found in my June Envy Box❤

The June envy box consists of a total of 7 products

1) Firstly I got samples of two products from one of my favorite brands, “Forest Essentials”

* Eladi Teenage Day Cream( 4gms) -(1850/-for full size-30gms)

*Kumkumadi teenage night cream (4gms)- (1975/- INR for full size-30gms)

The samples(4gms) of these creams are worth 245/-INR each

These products are my current favorites, I love Forest Essentials these creams definitely stand true to the tag line of the brand “Luxurious Ayurveda” !!!

I, love the packaging of these samples plus I’ve been using it since a few days and they definitely give you a luxurious feel , they leave my skin soft and supple, can’t wait to try the full size versions.❤

2) The second product is
Vetro Power- Footwear protection(1500/- for full size-100ml)
I ,received a 25 ml sample – 600 /- INR
According to the product description Vetro power footwear protection is an extremely powerful nanotechnology enabled protective coating for your footwear.

I’ve never tried a footwear protection spray I’m looking forward to trying this!!?

3) Essence – Nail paint ( 850/- INR full size)
In the shade 103 Space Queen.
It’s s transparent glittery nail paint which can be applied over any nail lacquer to add a shimmery touch to it. I’ll definitely use this to add a teensy bit of bling to my nails.

4) Calvin klein- Eternity Intense Eau De Parfum
I received a cute little sample of this EDP, whereas the full size of this EDP is 5800 /- INR for 100 ml.
It’s a sensuous fragrance with floral top notes which settles down to a woody fresh fragrance.
I, ain’t a huge fan of the woody fragrance so I, might not want to try the full size version.


5) Votre-After sun mist ( 500/- INR for full size)
I received the full size version of this product , I love votre I’ve tried their microderabrasion gel and I’m looking forward to trying this product as well.❤

6) Essence – Eye shadow (850/- for full size)
I got a full size product.
In the shade 79-lola petrola it’s a nice blue shade with green undertones . I’ve never tried this shade,I’d love to see how it works out for me?

So these are the products I, received in my June envy box and I’m completely in love with all of them.
Can’t wait to try these! And the creams from forest essentials are something which I can’t get over!!! I’ll definitely try the full size products❤
Also I, received coupons worth 800/- INR from brands like coverstory, vetro and essence?

I’d conclude by saying that I received products worth 3400/- when I’ve paid just 850/- for the beauty box.
That’s definitely a WIN-WIN!!?
I can’t wait to order my next beauty box.?

You can buy the June Envy box here

Click away ?

Until next time, take care.❤




TQJ Verdict❤
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Does what it claims?


Do try this beauty box!!!❤

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  1. Bonita Joanna Nanda says:

    Wow!!!had absolutely no idea about this

    1. the quintessential journals says:

      ❤@bonita it’s an ummahzing way to cone across new products plus you can choose to buy the full size versions in case you loved the samples?

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