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How have you all been? Well the extensive traffic and ever increasing pollution can sometimes take a toll on your skin and hair,so off lately I’d been thinking of getting a facial done as well as needed to get my hair wash + conditioning done so, I ended up booking an appointment with VLCC the HRBR layout outlet, I figured they had a wide range of facials which cater to all our skin problems and they also have the best hair stylists in town.

The minute I entered VLCC, the first thing I noticed was that the staff  was very sweet and welcoming , the beauty expert suggested I’d go with the Bollywood Gliteratti Diamond facial after a thorough analysis of my skin(if you don’t already know I have oily/ combination skin).

About the facial

Bollywood Glitterati

Looking for that glamorous glow of Bollywood film stars? Bollywood facial is the right facial for you. Get the sheer elegance all day long with precious metal and exotic ingredient which keeps your skin free from radicals, dirt and impurities for a “Beautifully Radiant You”

Bollywood Glitterati Diamond Facial

Diamond – the precious gem has been traditionally known as a woman’s best friend. VLCC has taken this relation a step further and has designed a complete facial with Diamond Bhasma that fights premature aging of skin and offers an instant glow and polish to the skin. It also improves skin’s metabolism, helps in absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies skin.

Steps followed for The Bollywood Gliterrati Diamond facial.

Step 1-Cleanser(2-3 mins)

The first step to the facial was cleansing the skin to prepare it for the further process, so the beautician dabbed the cleanser onto my face and neck and massaged it was a good 2-3 mins, and this was followed by steam for 2-3 mins.

Benefits of the cleanser

The Vlcc comfrey cleanser cum toner is a multi tasker it has both cleansing and toning properties , it has  comfrey extract and aloe vera juice which deeply cleanses the face , along with minimizing pores and prepares the skin for the latter process.

Step 2-Scrub(5-7 mins)

The next step was, to apply the scrub and massage it for about 5-7 mins in circular motions.

Benefits of the scrub (5-7 mins)

This scrub provides deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, embedded dirt and grime from skin.

Step 3- Detox Lotion

The beautician then applied a lotion over my face and neck, massaging it gently with fingertips.

Benefits of the lotion

The lotion helps rejuvenate and beautify the skin, it enhances the skin’s natural defense mechanism while keeping it healthy.

Step 4- Gel(10-15 mins)

The next step was to apply the gel over the face and neck  and massage it in circular upward movements.

Benefits of the gel

The moisturising gel is enriched with diamond bhasma and aloe vera which prevents the skin from premature aging due to pollution. It restores the skins elasticity and revitalizes complexion by providing intense moisturisation and nourishment.

Step 5- Mask(10-15 mins)

Finally the beautician applied the diamond wash off mask all over the face and neck avoiding the eye area, kept it for 10-15 mins and eventually wiped it off with cotton.

Benefits of diamond wash off mask

One of the proven benefits of using diamond on skin is that it detoxifies the skin, the diamond bhasma present in the mask deeply cleanses the skin and reveals the original youthful glow. The mask nourishes and moisturises the skin leaving it healthy , supple and even toned.

So, this was all about the Bollywood Gliteratti diamond facial, as the name suggests, it definitely left my skin glowing like a bollywood star’s. I could immediately feel that my skin had turned really soft and supple, it also looked even toned,  I could feel that the tan on my skin had vanished , my skin looked brighter and had a subtle glow.

I totally enjoyed every bit of the Bollywood Gliteratti Diamond facial. It was something which I really needed to  detoxify my skin and restore my skin’s moisture. So, if Bangalore’s weather has taken a toll on your skin as well, it’s time you book an appointment at VLCC and try these amazing facials, , they work wonders on your skin.

Also, immediately after the wonderful facial I, got a hair wash and conditioning done followed by a hair set up, I really loved the hair set up, and enjoyed the deep conditioning, I must say VLCC has the best hair stylists in town.

This is how my skin and hair looked post the fACial and hair conditioning at VLCC

The products used for  hair wash and conditioning were the Hair repair shampoo and conditioner by de Fabulous, which is designed for over stressed and color treated hair, and contains no laurel and laureth sulfates. The conditioning left my hair really lush and shiny. Thank you VLCC for the amazing services and experience.


I’d conclude by saying I, really loved the facial and hair conditioning + set up at VLCC HRBR outlet, the beauty services at VLCC are something you cannot miss. so book your appointments right away.

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