Celebrating life at High Ultra Lounge

Hola lovers!!❤

How have y’all been?? Hope your making the best of 2018. A new year brings  a lot of hope,  and uncertainty . Well, my new year started off on an amazing note, 2017 did take away a lot of things from me and left me with tons of memories which I’ll definitely cherish though, the bad memories are always going to hold their place too, but as lessons.

High is where I belong❤

As 2017 marked it’s end it taught me that life will definitely  give you a lot of lemons, but then it’s your call if you want to whine over it  or make some lemonade out of it. So, all you beauties out there all I,can say is you ought to stay strong, life is going to kick you hard sometimes because that’s why, it’s life and it’s definitely unfair, so you have to just hold on have faith and keep moving .

Well, that’s a lot of “Gyaan” now, let me tell you about today’s post it’s about my visit to this place which is totally chick and my favourite hangout at Bangalore. It’s called High Ultra Lounge it’s situated really close to Orion mall at Malleshwaram.

I love the ambience, it’s a perfect mix, the restaurant is serene and bea-utiful with a breathtaking view of this beautiful city, as it’s situated on the 33rd floor at Sheraton Grand.

They also have a dance floor arranged during the weekends so that you can sway through your weekend❤

High is an ummahzing hangout place for both youngsters  and families. If this is your favourite hangout too, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Life is all about celebrating each day, and how you dress defines you,  so lovelies be your chirpy self you don’t have to change for anyone, because you are you’re own diva.


This is what I, chose to wear to my favourite hangout, since bodycons are always going to be trendsetters and I totally love them.


So, I decided to pair a short bodycon dress with thigh high boots (Phew!! keeping  Bangalore’s super cold evening in mind)  , paired with an off-white fringed sling and an off-white rose choker to match the sling. I, like to keep my ensembles simple so I, don’t tend to add too many accessories.

I’d like to conclude by saying your style portrays your personality so no matter what, stay strong and be yourself. Life will have it’s ups and downs but hold on, have faith, believe and everything will be fine. Dream on!! Because you go girl!!❤

Good things come to good people , so believe that what goes around comes around.


Outfit details:

Printed Bodycon dress: Forever 21

Thigh high boots: Forever 21

Off-white fringed sling: Koovs

off-white rose choker: Koovs

Until next time take care lovers❤



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  1. Rahul Singh says:

    Awesome thought ?keep going ?

    Rating: 4
    1. thequintessentialjournals says:

      @Rahul Singh thank u so much, glad you liked it ?

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