All about the lip smacking food at Biggies Burger and more

Hola y’all!

How have you all been? How has the season of festivities been so far? Well with tje holiday season doing the rounds I, decided spend some quality time with my bestie Nikhila at Biggies Burger and more( Indiranagar outlet.)

Well, as soon as we entered Biggies Burger and more, we totally loved the ambiance ,interiors , and the peppy music playing in the background

As the name suggests Biggies Burger and more have a wide range of delicious food to offer.

We decided to try their signature burgers in both the veg and non veg range.

We orderd the tandoori fillet burger(non-veg) and the veg exotic burger.

The tandoori fillet burger was droolworthy, loved how soft yet crisp the perfectly prepared burger bun felt ,and the filling was yummilicious,  the best thing about the patty was that, it was filled with whole soft juicy chicken  which tasted heavenly. I totally loved the tandoori fillet burger, it is something you cannot miss.

We also ordered these delicious mojitos, the lemon n mint mojito and strawberry bliss mojito, they were really delicious and refreshing .

We also ordered something from their all new set of dishes, the panko prawn platter, I totally loved the perfectly cooked crispy prawns.

Eventually for dessert we ordered tiramisu, and this was the best tiramisu I have ever tasted, it was super soft and literally melted in my mouth.

I  also decided to try their cappuccino, which was perfect,exactly what I needed after a super long day , and this marked the end of my visit to Biggies Burger and more.

So I’ve definitiely found my weekend getaway , which is a perfect blend of an amazing ambiance and delicious food and not to forget the services and staff at Biggies Burger  and more are amazing too.

You guys ought to try the food at Biggies Burger and more they have the best food in town.

As the name suggests Biggies Burger and more have a wide range of delicious food to offer

Also, I’d like to thank Biggies Burger and more for the lip smacking food and the amazing service.

Totally loved them!

Until next time, take care folks.