About Us

Howdy y’all,❤

Thanks for stopping by!!! ?

I’m Amina, I’m an engineer by profession and pursuing Master’s in Business Administration , well as of now enjoying student life to the fullest Yayy!!. ?

I’m this  girl next door who loves shopping and buying a lot of make-up and beauty essentials. Having a blog of my own is like a dream come true I, discovered my passion for writing while I, was writing for my bestie. Since then, writing reviews is what makes me super happy.

I go by the saying ” The only way to be you, is to do you” this inspires me I, believe everyone’s special in their own way, just be yourself .You don’t have to be a model to look like a diva, you are your own diva, just a little touch up and the right products in your pretty make up bag , and BAM! you’re good for the day, just be yourself  and have no regrets, do what you love. ❤

Why the name “The Quintessential Journals” you may ask?

Well, because this is going be my journal , where I’m going to jot down everything quintessentially essential. It’s going be more of a mixture of beauty, make-up..well,…you’ll have to hang on to find out more, and the products I’ll be reviewing are the products I, personally use , just to help you a tad bit so, that you can choose the best.

So stay a bit, and show some love.


Amina Ahmed.❤