Spa day with tattva spa- novotel bangalore

Hello everyone!

How have y’all been? I’m sure work and other chores keep you super busy, but it’s always important to treat yourself with some “ME” time and self-love.

So I decided to spend my weekend on a pampering session with tattva spa.

Tattva spa is located in midst of Bangalore in the beautiful Novotel Tech park opposite ecospace(Bellandur).

I totally loved the ambiance of Novotel hotel, tattva is located on the first floor of Novotel hotel.

On reaching tattva I loved the hospitality, and the ambiance gave me a feel of tranquillity and luxury.

I chose to try the Tattva signature rebalance therapy which included a body massage+body polish/body scrub+body wrap.


I was given an option to choose a massage depending upon my areas of concern , and I decided to go with the Deep tissue massage which is supposed to be slightly high pressure than the rest.

Also , I was given the opportunity to chose an oil of my choice from tattva’s range of personalised oils. I decided to go with the Pranati blend.

Before starting the rebalace therapy I was given a welcome drink (kokum juice) which was the most delicious welcome drink I have ever tasted.

It supposedly prepares the body for the session by relaxing the body.


The healer at tattva started off with the deep tissue massage using the oil I chose. I must say, that the massage literally put me to sleep , it felt really relaxing and rejuvenating.

Long days at work were taking a toll on my back so I asked the healer to concentrate on the back area and I totally loved how I felt post the massage.


The next step was the body scrub/polisher which basically helps remove dead skin thereby revealing a healthy glow.

The body polisher mainly consists of Indian herbs and clay.


After the scrubbing and polishing I headed to the steam room, the steam is supposed to help absorb the polisher into the skin, which was then followed by a hot shower to cleanse off the polisher, to prep my skin for the body wrap.

And I totally loved how soft my skin felt post the shower. It looked lighter and had a subtle glow. Totally loved it.

The last step was the body wrap which consists of ingredients like saffron, floral extract from the Himalayan valley and palash.

The polisher was supposed to help make the skin softer and brighter. The healer dabbed on the polish onto my body and eventually wrapped it with a body wrap for 30 mins to help absorb the body wrap polish.

This was finally followed by a hot shower and that marked the end of my amazing pamper session at tattva spa.

I felt super relaxed,pampered, and rejuvenated , it was the best spa ever!

And the music in the background, and the techniques used by the healer for the massage was a plus.

Eventually the healer made the most amazing green tea, which was made in a super cute little kettle with a tiny candle under it, and that was the best green tea ever. I felt really relaxed post the session.

I’d conclude by saying, if you’re looking for some “ME” time, you ought to head to¬† tattva spa at Novotel techpark it’s definitely the door to serenity.

Also ,I totally loved the ambiance of the spa and the mesmerising view at Novotel after sunset.

I’d like to thank tattva spa for having be over to experience their extraordinary services. I totally loved them.

P.s – Totally appreciate the way tattva maintains the guests hygiene and privacy by providing the necessary essentials.

Until next time. Take care folks.