My experience at the Vurve Signature Salon

Hola everyone,

How have you all been? Well, today I’m here to share all about my experience at the “Vurve Signature Salon”, I happened to visit their outlet at Indiranagar(Bangalore) , early this week and I loved my experience to bits.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I entered the salon are the beautiful interiors, the interiors at “vurve” are one of best interiors I have ever come across, it’s a perfect combination of colors which creates a really pleasant ambiance to spend a good time pampering yourself with their amazing services.

I chose to get a hair cut plus hair color done, and I was super excited about it. The hair stylist ( Pradeep)  started off by testing my scalp with the help of the kerastase scalp and hair profiler.

Pradeep the best hairstylist in town- @vurve signature salon
The Kerastase scalp and hair profiler

The scalp profiler basically diagnoses the scalp and hair and gives information about how healthy your hair/scalp are. I was really excited to see my scalp and hair on the phone’s screen as the hair stylist moved the profiler over my hair /scalp.


The white layer signifies an oily scalp


The Hair Cut

The next step was the most important part, that is to select the perfect hair cut and color for my hair, I decided to try something different so I narrowed down to going with the shorter version of the lob cut which would add volume to my hair.

The right color  warm or cool?

Silver-cool golden-warm

To select the perfect color ,the hair stylist made use of a really interesting technique,he  used  a piece of golden and silver cloth. The golden cloth signifies warm tones whereas silver signifies cool tones.  I thought the silver cloth added a tinge of brightness to my face so I decided to go with the silver which signifies cooler tones.

I chose to try the balayage technique , with mocha highlights which is a nice chocolaty brown  shade.

The procedure

The hair cut was done first followed by the hair color

Steps followed for get the gorgeous balayage look.

* The first step  was washing my hair using Kerastase shampoo.

*The next step was to lighten my hair using L’oreal professionel’s Blond Studio(30 mins)

*Followed by hair wash

*The next step was to deposit the color -INOA 8.8 mocha and this also contained a part of L’oreal professionel Smart bond which helps strengthen hair fibers.(10-15 mins)


*After this the hair was rinsed using the pre shampoo by L’oreal professionel Smart bond.

*Followed by a hair wash using l’oreal professionel shampoo.

So this is all about the procedure ,to get those pretty balayage highlights.The hair cut and hair color was something which I really needed ,it transfirmed my overall look,I’m totally in love with the chocolaty brown balayage highlights with a mix of teensy  blond highlights to enhance the look.



My overall experience at Vurve was fantastic, loved every bit of it, the staff was really welcoming and  sweet and the interiors were an add on to my pleasant experience .

I have found my weekend getaway , and it’s definitely the Vurve Signature Salon.

I’d like to thank Vurve Signature salon for their extraordinary services and the wonderful experience.

So , if y’all are looking for a salon to get your share of pampering, you ought to head to the Vurve Signature Salon at Indiranagar they have one of the best services, along with subtle and beautifully designed interiors.

Until next time , take care folks.